One of Us is Next - Non Spoiler Review

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Bayview Highschool is back in this sequel to the fabulous One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus! A group of juniors is about to discover just how devastating gossip can be. It’s up to them to decide whether they should let the deadly drama ruin their lives or work together to resolve it, bringing the three of them closer together as friends and closer to the truth.

You do not need to read the first book before this one since it recaps a lot of the earlier events, especially those that influenced the events. However, I highly recommend that you do because not only is the first book amazing, but it also contains characters that show up in the sequel. I really enjoyed seeing how the characters from the first book are living out their lives after their story ended. But I can assure you, this story is just as gripping and will have you on the edge of your seats. I especially loved the character-driven plot and the way the mystery unfolded.

The characters feel really real. So much of their thoughts and actions make sense. Especially when they know they should be feeling one way but aren’t. The main POVs all have character flaws that slowly change/improve over time. For example, Maeve realizes that she is taking advantage of her sickness and using it as an excuse for bad habits/actions. She decides to change that and reaches out to Luis to apologize. I loved how she accepted her mistake, and I was proud of her. I also love how Maeve gets her own book. In “One of us is lying”, she was just Bronwyn’s sick younger sister. And even though she had contributed to solving the Simon case, we as readers didn’t get to know her past the exterior. I do wish in this sequel, we learned more about Maeve’s hacking talents. How did she learn to hack? Other than to solve these cases, what does she use it for? Has she ever gotten in trouble? Anyway, there is so much more to Maeve than just her illness, and learning about her personality is super fun.

Each character is different in their own drastic ways. Despite there being 3 MCs, they each have differentiating personality traits: good and bad. As a high school student myself, I can recognize many of these traits as ones I might see in students from my own schools. Other than being extremely believable teenagers, each character is different in ways that make me wonder whether I would be friends with any of them if they went to my school. Same as the first book, the main characters come together despite how different they are, which is a trope I absolutely LOVE. I love all the characters in both books so much! They are memorable. I will never forget badass Addy, iconic Cooper, or the easily-likable Knox. Both of the books in this series are definitely driven by the characters.

The climax of this book was just epic! So many smaller details that were introduced throughout the book were all pulled together at the end. Each character played a part in how everything turned out. So many connections were made between all the characters. I like how the mystery unraveled slowly instead of all at once. When one aspect of the mystery was solved, such as who was actually behind the truth or dare game, there were still more parts left to be discovered, such as what the motive was and how that character discovered all of the gossips he used. I had to stay alert until the very end, and the shocks just kept on going! I did not sleep that night. I definitely want to read the book again, so I can identify all of the clues and maybe understand the overall mystery better.

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